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Social influence…read more

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Outline of module
Majority influence ­ conformity
Minority influence
Ethics ­ critical issue…read more

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Social influence
The process by which a persons attitudes,
beliefs or behaviours are modified
(changed) by the actions or presence of
There are 2 types of social influence that
lead people to conform ­ informational
(the desire to be right) and normative
(the desire to be liked)…read more

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Majority social influence - conformity
The process by which a group of
people exert real or imagined
pressure on an individual to change
their attitudes, beliefs or behaviours…read more

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3 types of conformity
Compliance ­ publicly conform but still
maintain own opinion privately ­ go along
with the crowd
Identification ­ adopt the views of the
majority privately and publicly. However
the new views are not maintained when
you lose contact with the group
Internalization ­ experience a
permanent change as a result of the
group…read more

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