AS/A Level IAPs checklist

List of various things which are likely to come up in each IAPs for physics, chemistry or biology..



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Quantitative IAPs
Set up
Measures without help
6 sets ­ identify & discard anomalies
Range ­ use maximum possible
Headings and units
Raw readings ­ writes down components o product & use same number
of decimal places
Calculated readings to 2/3 sigfig
Labelled axis
Space used for graph ­ more than ½ page
Line of best fit
Gradient ­ use more than half of LOBF
Y intercept
Compare/Justify sigfig ­ refer to sigfig in all raw readings
Can't give more sigfig than minimum
number in raw data
% difference = 9.81 ­ 9.46 (yours) / book value
% uncertainty in reading +- 1mm = 1/15 x 100
% uncertainty in gradient = difference between yours and worst divide
by yours
Limitations Improvements
Independent variable
Dependant variable
Control variable Measure longest and shortest @ 90®
No less than 6 readings


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