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The Importance of water

Wherever one looks in the biological world, water is vital for all life. It is simple to state that
without water (or H2O) there would be no life on the planet. Even humans themselves are
made up of around 60% water. This is due to the…

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The Importance of water

This allows the correct heat for optimum enzyme activity inside cells to be held. This is due
to the high water content in the cells.
With most molecules, when they turn from a liquid into a solid, they become
denser as they become more rigid. This…

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The Importance of water

This is important because as the turgid cells push against each other, this holds the plant
upright, acting much like a skeleton for the plant. When the opposite of this happens, and
there is not enough water in the vacuole, the cell becomes flaccid and cannot…


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