AS Unit 2 Biology - Presentation on Polysaccharides

Hey guys - I don't know if it is just me, but I always used to get mixed up between the different polysaccharides we needed to know and their properties, so I made this and it has helped so much :) It also allows you to test yourself! Hope it helps :) 

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Polysaccharides…read more

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What are polysaccharides?
They are not sweet tasting and insoluble in
Three examples of polysaccharides are starch,
glycogen and cellulose.…read more

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· This is a major energy store in plants
· It is made up of -glucose
· The starch chain types are straight (amylose)
and branching (amylopectin)
· It is an ideal storage compound because:
Its molecules are tightly coiled i.e. Very compact
It is insoluble so will not affect the water potential
of the cell
It is readily broken down to glucose by enzymes…read more

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· Glycogen is an energy store in animals and
· It is composed of -glucose
· The chain type is highly branched
· It is ideal because it is highly branched and
enzymes can only work at the ends (which
there are a lot of). Therefore, it can rapidly be
broken down into glucose…read more

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· This is the structural formula found in plant
cell walls
· It is made up of -glucose molecules
1. Many long straight parallel chains
2. Cross linked by hydrogen bonds
3. Formation of microfibrils
4. These make the structure strong and thick…read more


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