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Statutory Interpretation

As legislation has increased in length and scope; the great majority
of legal cases now concern some aspect of statutory interpretation.
In practice, it is impossible to draft a statute which covers all
eventualities and is free from conflict about its application.
In order to assist judges in…

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judges should adapt the language of the statute in order to produce
a sensible outcome. This approach caters for the need that a
circumstance may arise which Parliament failed to see or expect ­ it
is more realistic than the literal rule. However, like the literal rule,
the golden rule…

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disagreed, and said that under the purposive approach, the
intention to gain an advantage was the same as actually doing it.
One of the Lords stated that the function of Customs is to intercept
such goods; and so it would be absurd to not punish the defendant.
The use of…

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3. Noscitur a Sociis ­ a word should be interpreted within


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