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Marriage, Divorce and
By Sade Thomas…read more

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Types of Marital breakdown
· Divorce ­ When your marriage legally finished
· Separation ­ In which a husband and wife
remain married but live apart
· Empty shell marriages- where a husband and
wife no longer in love for example they may
be staying in a marriage because of the kids.…read more

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Reasons why they may stay in a empty
shell marriages
· Avoids embarrassment
· For the sake of the children
· Can't afford to live on their own
· Due to religion
· Due to cultural reasons
· Due to finances…read more

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· Living with someone and having a sexual
relationship without being married
· 60% of first time cohabitations turn into
· Feminists believe that cohabitation is a good
idea due to the fact that they believe women
should try it out before they settle down and
get married…read more

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Reasons why People divorce
· The impact of feminism
· Welfare state ­ family tax credits, benefits,
housing ­if someone was kicked out
increased life expectancy
· Changing social attitudes
· Secularisation
· Rising expectations ­ wanted their partners to
do more in the relationships…read more

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Why Have divorces increased since 70'
· With the introduction divorce law Reform Act
1969 which had come into effect in 1971 act you
no longer had to prove your partner guilty you
only had to show that your marriage.
· Matrimonial & family proceedings Act 1984 ­
allowing couples to divorces after one year
· Family Law ACT 1996 ­ Increased the amount of
time before a divorce could proceed to 18 months
· Introduction of compulsory marriage counselling
sessions in an attempt to slow the divorce rate…read more

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