AS Sociology - Theories/Nature and role - Revision Cards/Presentation

Covers the theories of functionalism, marxism, feminism, the new right and post modernism. Print off as hand out and you have your Sociological theories covered!

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The Nature and role
of the family! -
Past Exam Essay Questions:
(e) Examine the contribution of feminist sociologists to the study of
family life. (Jan 2001)
(f) Assess the usefulness of functionalism for an understanding of the
family. (Jan 2002)
(e) Examine the different functions performed by the family for the
individuals and society. (Jan 2005)
(f) Assess the functionalist contribution to our understanding of society.
(May 2007)…read more

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-Structural Consensus
Durkheim ­ Organismic Analogy
Compares Society to the Human body.
· Every part of the body has a function to keep it
alive and healthy > Every part of society has a
function to keep it going
· The body grows and develops > Societies
develop and gradually change
· All parts of the body link together in one system
> All parts of society work and depend on each
other ­ interdependency
· Body fights disease > Society deals with
problems e.g. with police…read more

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-Structural Consensus
Value Consensus ­ socialisation ­ we all learn the
same values and norms of a society
Social solidarity ­ Feeling of togetherness
Parsons ­
· Socialisation key to understanding human
· Without value consensus social order would
· Primary soc + Secondary soc = value consensus…read more

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· Based on assumption that there is consensus in
a society. And if there is this consensus then
why does conflict occur e.g. Crime and Civil way
· Over emphasising socialisation ­ it is argued
that it is not society that shapes the person
(Structural), it's the person that shapes its
society (Social action).
· Overstress the positive aspects and ignore the
negative. If socialisation is so affective, why is
there crime?
· Marxism and Feminism…read more

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MARXISM Concepts
- Structural Conflict
Capitalists/ Bourgeoisie Vs
Working class/ Proletariat
Economic determinism ­ Human society began when
people cooperated to get the goods they needed to
continue their existence. The methods used is the
determining force of the social structure
Class struggle ­ dominant Vs oppressed
Means of production ­ power comes from the mass of
Relations of production ­ owners of the economic
structure control society, create values and social
Socialists state ­ communism…read more

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MARXISM Concepts
- Cont...
Infra-Structure ­ means of production and
social relationships of production, forms the
economic base
Super structure ­ Socialisation: political,
schools, religion, family - the infrastructure
shapes the aspects in the super structure
False consciousness ­ the illusion of equality
and freedom ­ prevents revolution. However
if the working class feel alienated then they
might revolt.…read more

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