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Psychiatry…read more

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The Radical Psychiatry came into being in the 1960's and
1970's they were known to hold a critical view of the family
specifically the functionalist ideal "nuclear family". However
the main three radical psychiatrists that we need to know
are Leach, Laing and Cooper.…read more

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( 1967)
· Against the nuclear family because it is isolated
and lacks support from their extended families.
· Due to there not being any regular contact with
their extended relatives. parents may have too
much pressure on themselves.
· Those parents who lack emotional support may
take out the anger on each other and their
children this may highlight why domestic abuse
takes place in homes.…read more

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Radical Psychiatrist- David
Cooper (1972)
· Has the most Marxist approach out of three, and focuses
mainly on how children are treated in family household.
· He argues that parents teach their children to be
obedient , manners and discipline as this is preparation
for when the child goes to work they will be easily
· He also argues that parents also have a massive
contribution on what career the child goes into and the
aim for them to go in a respectable job.
· He views parents as the capitalists or bosses, and the
children are seen to the proletariat or workers.…read more

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Radical Psychiatrist- R.D.Laing
· Argues that the nuclear family can cause mental illness
for example depression, stress and anxiety because the
nuclear families are designed for children and their
parents to spend as much time together as they possibly
· Also the expectations for children are incredibly high and
children are made to feel pressured.
· Laing used a girl called Jane to help support the idea of
children being pressured. The girl became schizophrenic
and believed to that she was a tennis ball in result of her
being bounced between her parents emotionally.…read more

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Criticisms Of Radical
· Leach doesn't acknowledge those nuclear families who
have maintained contact with the nuclear and the
extended family.
· Laing may be seen to overstate the link between the
nuclear family and mental illness.
· Cooper can be viewed to be too critical of the
relationship between most children and their parents.…read more


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