AS Sociology Qualitative VS Quantitative Methods

This is a sample of one of the AS Sociology exam essay questions.

It discuss the quali and quanti method in point form.

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Quantitative method VS Qualitative method in sociological research
Chee Shu Yee PL2
Quantitative Method Qualitative Method
Advocators: Advocators:
Positivists Phenomenologists
Assumptions Assumptions
Social facts have an objective reality Reality is socially constructed
Variables can be identified and relationships Variables are complex, interwoven, and difficult to
measured measure
Etic (outside's point of view) Emic (insider's point of view)
Purpose Purpose
Generalizability Contextualization
Prediction Understanding individuals' perspective and
Falsification meaning behind it
Causal explanations
Approach Approach
Numerical Descriptive
Begins with hypotheses and theories Ends with hypotheses and grounded theory
Manipulation of variables Discovery of new theories logically
Experimentation Naturalistic
Deductive Inductive
Component analysis Searches for patterns
Seeks consensus, the norm Seeks pluralism, diversity
Abstract language in writeup Descriptive writeup
Researcher Role Researcher Role
Detachment and neutrality Personal involvement
Less interpretation needed More interpretation needed
Objective portrayal Empathic understanding
Research Method Research Method
Experiment Participant observation
Numerical secondary data Nonparticipant observation
Closeended questionnaire Descriptive secondary data
Structured interview Openended questionnaire
Unstructured interview
Advantages and Limitations Advantages and Limitations
Generalizability Generalizability
Reliability Reliability
Representable Representable
Objectivity Objectivity
Validity Validity


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