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The Improvement of Hygiene,
Sanitation and Medicine
By Sabah, Sade and Haseeb…read more

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Hygiene In the 19th century was extremely horrific this was due to poor living
conditions, the rich were able to bathe on a daily basis, but for those who weren't as
financially stable had no other choice but to use public baths. This meant contagious
diseases were more likely to spread. Due to the lack of hygiene, life expectancy in the
19th century was extremely low.
Now Hygiene has improved due to homes having their own personal bathing facilities
for example homes now have their own showers, baths and toilets. Also there are now
more cleaning products that can kill bacteria for example Dettol. Lastly the reason
Hygiene has improved is because people are bathing themselves on a daily basis.
Other examples showing why hygiene has
improved can be shown through products like:
· Hand sanitizer
· Soaps
· Shower gels…read more

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Due to the advance in medicine, through the recent years many illnesses like
smallpox have become a extinct. The reason why the very infectious disease
smallpox has become extinct is through the invention of vaccines to cure illnesses
like small pox.
In the 19th century one of the biggest killers was tuberculosis (TB) in which the
body tissue wold waste away. Despite being a highly contagious disease, in
2011 a vaccine had been invented to make people immune from the disease for
up to ten years.
Other examples of improvement is:
· Improvements in scientific technology
· 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin which
opened the door for many other medications we use
today.…read more

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Sanitation in the 19 century
With the lack of good sanitation was clearly evident in the 19th century as many of
those who lived in the 19th century had slums for homes, in which there was no
water supply which meant public baths were used quite frequently.
Now society has working sewage systems which prevent disease such as cholera from
spreading this was a big improvement, as in the 19th century cholera, was one of the
biggest epidemics leaving many dead. Another impact that stopped cholera from
spreading was giving homes access to clean water.
Other examples of why sanitation has improved
· Sewages
· Toilets that flush
· Access to hot and cold running water…read more

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Thanks For Watching!!!…read more


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