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Assess the view that the increase in divorce is
a reflection of what has been called
`our broken and damaged society'
Sociology Revision…read more

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New right sociologists argue that the rise in
divorce rates is one reason that results in a
serious crisis in the family. Suggests divorce
is TOO EASY resulting in less committed
As in the past, couples had to focus more on
their relationship and make it work for
themselves and their children.
New Right argue for a return of the traditional
family views and tougher divorce laws.…read more

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Flouri and Buchanan's (2002) study of children
from families that had gone through
separation or divorce are more likely to
suffer from behavioural problems,
underachieve at school, uses drugs and many
other negative things.…read more

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Feminists are more in favour of divorce than
the New Right, they generally see it as
positive. This is because they believe divorce
allows women to leave violence and empty
shell marriages. Thornes and Collard (1976)
suggest women value friendship and
emotional gratification more than men do
and if husbands fail to live up to this women
may feel the need to look somewhere else.…read more

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Fletcher argues that people have very high
expectations of married life and will
separate if these standards are not attained.
Goode argues that the rise in divorce is closely
correlated to the breakdown of traditionally
held norms and values in society. He believes
that divorce is caused by secularization and
because of this a new value consensus has
emerged that tolerates divorce.…read more

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Colin Gibson a post modernist very much reflects
the views of Fletcher. He claims that we take
unrealistic expectations into martial
relationships and this leads to more divorces.
However, Postmodernist have opposing views to
the New Right approach. Beck and Beck ­
Gernsheim (1995) believe that the rising divorce
rates are the product of a rapidly changing world
in which traditional rules, rituals and traditions
of love, romance and relationships no longer
apply. They have a very positive view of the
changes in family life. This is a strong argument
against the question.…read more


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