AS Sociology - Families and hosueholds - Key trends

You have to give to reasons and statistics for the identity and explain questions on key trends. I have outlined each question you may get asked! Hope this helps, it helps me alot and i couldnt find anything on the internet that was relevent.

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Rise in single parent families
Rise in divorce rates
Decrease in marriage rates
Rise in cohabitation
Decline in family size
Rise in single person households
Reason One:
Allan and Crow (2001) identified the two key factors to explain the loneparent
Increase in divorce ­ this has made a significant contribution to the rise in
loneparent households. Women are more powerful and have full tie jobs
meaning they can support the child themselves without having to rely on a
male bringing in money to support the child.
A significant rise in the number of nevermarried women, a lot of women
have children but never get married or cohabiting. (Sharpe argued that
young girls in the 1990's were less interested in being family orientated
and were more interested in having careers than they were in the 1980's)
Reason Two:
There has been a dramatic rise in divorce which contributed to loneparent
families. In 1993 there were 180,000 divorces, this causes women to have to live
alone, and usually the women get custody of the child.
The proportion of children living in loneparent families in Great Britain more
than triples to 24% between 1972 and spring 2006
In 1980, 70% of women ages 2125 were expected to have a baby in the next
five years, but by 2001 this had declined to 40%. The reasons being an
increase in the power of women, and improved employment opportunities for
Reason One:
Changes in the law several laws have been passed to make divorce easier to
obtain. The Divorce reform Act in 1969 introduced a new crucial ground for
divorce irretrievable breakdown. Prior to a divorce there had to be a `guilty
party', for example adultery or cruelty had to be proved before divorce

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Reason Two:
The changing role of women approx. 70% of divorces are initiated by women.
Women today are more likely to be independent with a good education, fewer
children and a job. If they are unhappy in a marriage it is easier for them to leave
and start again. Women also no longer feel ashamed to be divorced.
Sociologists point to a decline in the influence of religion as another factor.…read more

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Reason Two:
There is better contraception ­ Allan and Crow (2001) point out that couples can
live together and have a sexual relationship without worrying about pregnancy.
Religion has become more relaxed in recent years, therefore the use of
contraception has increased.
In 2005, 24% of nonmarried people aged under 60 of age were cohabiting
in Great Britain.…read more

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The number of people living alone in Great Britain had more then doubles
since 1971, from 3 million to 7 million
Chandler et al predicted that the proportion of households with men living
alone is expected to rise to 14% by 2021. if there is a broken relationship,
women tend to stay living with the child if there is a baby.…read more


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