AS Sociology - Families and hosueholds - Key trends

You have to give to reasons and statistics for the identity and explain questions on key trends. I have outlined each question you may get asked! Hope this helps, it helps me alot and i couldnt find anything on the internet that was relevent.

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Rise in single parent families
Rise in divorce rates
Decrease in marriage rates
Rise in cohabitation
Decline in family size
Rise in single person households

Reason One:
Allan and Crow (2001) identified the two key factors to explain the loneparent
Increase in divorce ­ this has made a significant…

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Reason Two:
The changing role of women approx. 70% of divorces are initiated by women.
Women today are more likely to be independent with a good education, fewer
children and a job. If they are unhappy in a marriage it is easier for them to leave
and start again. Women…

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Reason Two:
There is better contraception ­ Allan and Crow (2001) point out that couples can
live together and have a sexual relationship without worrying about pregnancy.
Religion has become more relaxed in recent years, therefore the use of
contraception has increased.

In 2005, 24% of nonmarried people aged…

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The number of people living alone in Great Britain had more then doubles
since 1971, from 3 million to 7 million
Chandler et al predicted that the proportion of households with men living
alone is expected to rise to 14% by 2021. if there is a broken relationship,


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