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and Education
Past Exam Essay Questions:
1(d)Assess the claim that `the main function of education is to maintain
a value consensus in society (20 Marks) ­ May 2009
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Functionalist view
· Structural consensus theory ­ agreement
through socialisation
· Macro theory
· Society made of interdependent and
interrelated parts
· Look at positive aspects
· Educational very important and beneficial
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Social Solidarity,
Standards & allocation
Durkheim ­
· Education helps social solidarity, belonging in the community
· Education teaches people specialist skills that are needed in society ­ e.g. vocational
· School "society in miniature"
· "Education knits society together"
Parsons -
· Allocates future roles to individuals
· Bridge the gap between particularistic standards of the home and universalistic standards of
­ Particularistic ­ a set of rules that apply only to that child, unconditional love, ascribed status
· At home
­ Universalistic ­ apply to everybody all individuals judged by the same standards ­e.g. same laws
apply to everyone, in schools we all sit the same exams.
· In the real world
· Education and society based on meritocratic principals, everyone equal ­ achieve rewards
through effort and ability
Davis and Moore ­ (similar to parsons)
· Education is meritocratic
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· Assumes education is fair ­ rewards the
best, ignores social inequalities that may
restrict attainment
­ Some may have cultural capital
· Marxism (criticism of Durkheim) education
teaches the values and norms of the
· New right ­ (criticism of skills and
knowledge) Schools teach things
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Functionalism FACTS/
Durkheim ­ social solidarity, skills, "society in miniature", "knits society"
Parsons - Allocates future roles, Bridge the gap between particularistic
standards and universalistic standards, meritocratic principals
Davis and Moore ­ (similar to parsons) Education is meritocratic, Talent is
discovered and rewarded
Marxism - education teaches the values and norms of the bourgeoisie.
New right ­ teach things irrelevant to work
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