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The different
perspectives in
domestic labour and
gender roles.
By Sade Thomas…read more

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Elizabeth Bott
· argued that there are 2 types of conjugal roles, these
are either segregated and joint.
· Segregated conjugal roles are when the roles are
separated within the home. For example the woman
staying at home looking after the children and the man
being the breadwinner in which he is expected to work
and bring home the money to provide for the household.
· Examples of joint conjugal roles are:
· Husbands and wives both do housework
· Husbands and wives both have paid jobs…read more

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Young and Wilmott
· In their book Symmetrical family, viewed in the 1970's
that roles between husband and wives were much more
symmetrical. They both take an optimistic view of the
· This was supported from their sample they found that
72% of men did housework excluding washing up during
the week.
· Viewed the shared roles as a "march of progress"…read more

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Ann Oakley
· A radical feminist who disagrees with Young and Wilmot
· Oakley's research showed that 15% of husbands had a
high level of participation in housework duties
· Oakley also saw that 25% of men wold participate
areas concerning childcare.
· Both these samples were tested on 40 women…read more

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Ferri and Smith
Also with Gillian Dunne
Ferri and Smith
· Showed that women still are more likely to do childcare
than men .
· Their studies had shown that the man was the main
carer of children in only 4% of the families studied.
Gillian Dunne
· Showed equality with lesbian households as she
examined 37 cohabitating lesbian couples and found
they were more likely to do share both housework and
childcare duties.…read more

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Lydia Morris
· She studied families where the husband is unemployed
and the wife works
· In those sort of families you would expect the male to
compensate and do housework and childcare duties.
· However Morris found that men did a little more
housework than before they were unemployed because
they felt without having a career they were losing their
masculinity and by doing housework and childcare
duties they would become more feminine.…read more

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