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The British Child.
Pilcher ­ Childhood is a distinct life stage, separated from
that of an adult.
Childhood is a `golden age' of innocence ­ children must be
protected/quarantined from the adult world.
Separated by:
· Laws ­ age restrictions and welfare state for parents
· Different Rules
· Different toys and food
· Prolonged education to 16 ­ seen as children longer
· Child centeredness…read more

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­ Trobriand Islands
Malinowski ­ Trobriand Island
· Free to engage in sexual activity
· Non-Subservient to parents
Brazil and Peru
· Gangs, violence and theft
Sierra Leone
· Child soldiers ­ Socialised…read more

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Medieval Society ­ Aries
"As soon as a child could live without its nanny or his
cradle rocker he belonged to the adult society"
· Childhood Concept didn't exist
· When no longer an infant considered an adult
· Included in sex, fighting and work
· Child was referred to as `it'
· High infant mortality ­ parents not close to children.
AO2 ­ There was childhood in the middle ages
however it was different to our concept today.…read more

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· Compulsory Prolonged Schooling ­ increased
· Laws restricting children from work ­ gone from
economic assets to economic liabilities
· Decline in infant mortality rate ­ parents can
invest more emotionally with their children and
also have fewer children
· Laws to restrict ­ e.g. drinking age, enforces that
children are different.…read more

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· Need of an educated work force ­
Schooling crucial
· Allows for higher living standards and
welfare ­ decline in infant mortality.…read more

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