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Social Psychology Revision.

What is social psychology?
The study of how behaviour is influenced by the presence of attitudes and actions of other people.
Psychologists investigate such things as the effect of culture on our beh. what happens when join
groups; why we help others (and why sometimes we don't)…

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Social Psychology Revision.

What is obedience?
Following an order given by a person with authority over you. Blind obedience is doing what you're
told w/o thinking for yourself about whether or not you should do it.

Milgram 1963:

AIM: To investigate how obedience naïve participants
would be when ordered to…

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Social Psychology Revision.

Told to harass job applicant
(confederate) to make him nervous
while siting a test to determine he
would get the job
Told this was a context of a research

RESULTS: 92% participants obeyed and harassed
96% believed it was a real life study


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Social Psychology Revision.

CONCLUSIONS: Nurses will knowingly break hospital
when a doctor tells them to even if it
means to put a patient's life at risk

EVALUATION: G: High population validity ­ real nurses BUT
likely to obey (USA: not long after war)
R: standardised script ­ ran 22 w/similar…

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Social Psychology Revision.

Day 6: system collapsed ­
self-governing commune ­ day 8 this
collapsed - END

CONCLUSIONS: When groups are formed w/strong
social identity (norms and vaues) the
members work together and become
Tyranny arises becos of FAIELD groups

EVALUATION: G: small sample, only males ­ female may…


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