AS Psychology - The Cognitive Approach Unit 1

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Cognitive Psychology
Cognition ­ mental process needed to make sense of the world
Believe that beh. is influenced by cognition so the way we perceive and think
determines the way we behave ­ also how humans process info
Lab Exp Field Exp Natural Exp
Tightly Controlled Env Carried out in a natural Conducted in natural
IV manipulated by DV env. env.
Ps randomly allocated Less control over IV is not manipulated
to a group extraneous variables by researcher but is
IV still manipulated naturally occuring
and DV measured
Advantages Advantages Advantages
Can control Ps not aware BUT, Ecological validity
extraneous variables more natural Less demand charcs ­
(any variables except Ecological validity natural env
the IV that can have an
influence on your
Can establish cause
and effect
Disadvantages Disadvantages Disadvantages
Artificial Env ­ lacks No control over Lack control over
reliability setting ­ extraneous extraneous and Ps
Demand charcs variables variables
Experimenter effects Time consuming to set Tends to be unique ­
(when the up hard to find (e.g.
experimenter can Possible ethical issues Money)
influence Ps beh.)


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