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What is bio-approach?
- Looks at biological theories of gender development, key issues of interest
- Combines psychology & biology to provide psychological explanation for human behaviour
from basic differences between male and female. Such as language, memory & perception.
- Nature vs Nurture
- Nature: our beh. is determined…

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- The number of separated twins are minimal, so sample sizes are small ­ hard to

Brain Scans:
Functional ­ How the brain functions
Structural ­ The structure of the brain (the frame)

MRI Scans: Seeing a picture of the brain inside the skull. Allows you to see the…

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- Able to have more control over animals as they can be caged.

Central Nervous System:
- Made up of the brain and spinal cord.
- Nerve cells are called neurons: which passes info around inside the brain. ­
communicates w/the rest of the body through the nerve cells.

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Brain Lateralisation:
- Refers to which each hemisphere of the brain is involved with different activities
- Some evidence suggest there are differences between males & females or how their brain
works & which hemispheres control the same behaviours
- Most research has been done on rats becos rats are…

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choose whether or not to go through w/the operation after being told.
- Children however, there are serious ethical questions
Case of David Reimer:
- The decision to raise Bruce as a girl proved not to be a good decision, as Bruce always felt
more like a male and affected…


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