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Factors STM LTM
Duration: Information in STM lasts only a It may last 4ever
short period of time unless it is
rehearsed (up to 18 seconds)
Encoding: Information enters the brain via Information enters the brain VIA
the senses & is stored in various senses & is stored in various
forms- forms-
STM= Acoustically LTM= Semantically
Capacity: STM has a limited capacity store It has an unlimited capacity
which may explain forgetting
(7+/-2 chucks of information…read more

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The Multi Store Model
A02…read more

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Probably an oversimplification of the memory process
Each area of memory is probably far more complex (STM- compared to WMM)
Rehearsal is too simplistic for the storage of information ­ we remember other as well- Flashbulb
MSM makes good intuitive sense - Many memory studies provide evidence to support the
distinction between STM and LTM (in terms of encoding, duration and capacity)
Plenty of research support
Gave a good starting point for research && further explanations
Supported by brain damage patients -…read more

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The Working Memory Model
A01…read more

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The Working Memory Model
A02…read more

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Not much is known about the central executive and it is not clear how the components interact
with each other
Visuo-Spatial sketch pad is not explained much
Supported word length effect- As the phonological loop is approx 2 seconds long we can fit in more
short words than long
Supported by studies into brain damaged patients (E.…read more

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