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The Role of an MP...
One of the key roles of
Parliament is to represent the
public ­ so how
representative are they?…read more

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What is an MP expected to be?
There are 3 models:
TRUSTEE: - Burke claimed that an MP uses their own
judgement when deciding what is in the best interests of the nation ­
representatives are better educated so the electorate hands powers to
these trustees to make the decisions
MANDATE: - The MP acts according to the wishes of the
constituency, rather than conscience or the party therefore being more
DELEGATE: - The MP is elected as a party MP and is
expected to support the party manifesto and place the party before the
constituents or conscience…read more

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· An MP has many responsibilities to carry
out ­ there are 7 key responsibilities they
must fulfil in order to be representative…read more

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Represent The
· Links to the Mandate Model of
`toeing the party line'
· Must support the party manifesto
and therefore proposed policies
· Military involvement in Iraq
· Involvement in the EU
(Conservative)…read more

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Represent Interests of
As the MP is in charge of a regional constituency, they must
meet the needs of that constituency adequately in Parliament
- Building of a Super Casino in Manchester
- Building of airport terminals (Stansted), nuclear power stations,
roads, bypasses…read more

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Represent National
MP's have to weigh up their party's attitude to an issue against
what they perceive to be in the nations best interests
-Iraq War
- UK relations with the EU
- treatment of suspected terrorists
-Introduction of ID cards…read more

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