AS Physics Revision: Sensing

If you have seen topic 1 : imaging, this will be more clearer. This is for anyone doing OCR B advancing physics at AS. It took me ages to make so thought might as well make it useful for others... 

Making a few more soon so will upload them :) x

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>Resistance is a result of electrons colliding with atoms & losing energy. In a battery, chemical energy is used to make electrons move & then collide so
battery has internal resistance, (warms it up). >The amount of electrical energy a battery produces for each coulomb of charge is the electromotive force
(E.m.f/). [Load resistance = external resistance]...Conservation of energy: (Per Coulomb)
Energy supplied by source= Energy used in load R + energy wasted in IR
=V+v = I(R + r)
V= - v V = - Ir
E.m.f. & Internal Resistance
>Potential divider is a circuit with a voltage source and a couple of resistors & used to obtain a desired fraction of the
voltage. >An LDR has a high resistance in dark & NTC at low temps. Both can be used as a resistor in P.D giving an output
voltage that varies with light/templevel-Transistor.

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A potentiometer uses a variable resistor to give a variable voltage. Controlled directly by the user, by knobs or slider.…read more


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