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Main Substances to be Excreted
CO2 from respiration
o CO2 diffuses from respiring cells into the bloodstream. It is
transported in the form of hydrogen carbonate ions to the lungs,
where it is breathed out.
Nitrogen-containing compounds such as urea
o Urea is produced in the liver from breaking…

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the medulla oblongata which will cause an increase in breathing rate to help
reduce CO2 concentrations in the blood.
If the blood pH drops below 7.35 it results in slowed or difficult breathing,
headache, drowsiness... There may also be a rapid heart rate and changes in
blood pressure. This is…

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1. Excretion is the removal of metabolic waste that comes from the reactions
inside cells. Whereas, Egestion is the removal of undigested food. In
Egestion, the substance never enters any cells so it cannot be Excretion.
2. Respiratory acidosis: CO2 dissolves in the blood plasma and combines to


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