AS OCR BIOLOGY: Cardiac Cycle

A fill in the gaps on the cardiac cycle. The answers are on the next page for you to see if you have the answers right. Try to not look too much though ;D

Hope it helps!

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Atrial Systole
Blood flows from the _____ into the _____.
The _____-___________ valves are ____ so blood flows into the
The atria ________.
The pressure inside the atria _________ above the ventricles causing
AV valves to ____ fully.
Blood is pushed into the __________.
Ventricular Systole
The ventricles are full of blood so they ________.
This causes the pressure inside the ventricles to ____ above that in
the _____ and ________.
The AV valves _____.
The ____-_____ valves open forcing blood into the ________.
The ventricles _____.
This _________ the pressure in the ventricles below the ________.
Blood flows _________ forcing the semi lunar valves ______.

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1. Veins
2. Atria
3. Atrio-ventricular
4. Open
5. Ventricles
6. Contract
7. Increases
8. Open
9. Ventricles
10. Contract
11. Rise
12. Atria
13. Arteries
14. Close
15. Semi-lunar
16. Arteries
17. Relax
18. Decreases
19. Arteries
20. Backwards
21.…read more


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