AS Macroeconomics - all you need to know about Unemployment

This covers types of unemployment, measures of unemployment, causes of unemployment, cures to unemployment and the effects of unemployment. Should be absolutely everything you need to know about this topic :)

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High employment is one of the Government's main macroeconomic objectives ­ as such the
topic of employment/unemployment comes up very frequently in exams. Here is all you
need to know about it.

Measuring Unemployment:

There are two main ways of measuring the number of people that are unemployed:


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- Strong Pound, so higher demand for Imports and lower demand for Exports
- Higher Interest Rates
- Any other factor that lowers Aggregate Demand


- Putting demand back into the economy i.e. through lowering interest rates,
cutting taxes
- Increasing government spending
- Government subsidies for struggling businesses…

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- Relocation grants ­ again the job vacancies may be there elsewhere in the
- Government subsidies to businesses so prices for certain industries can be more

5) Hidden Unemployment ­ people who may be interested in taking work but aren't
classified as being unemployed according to the…




This is a 3 page summary of the key requirements on unemployment for AS level. It looks at the measures, types, consequences and remedies for unemployment.

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