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Independent groups there are different no order effects participant
design participants in each variables ­
group differences may
effect results.
number of
participants ­ twice
as many
repeated measures participants take no participant order effects ­
design part in all variables ­ same people guess
conditions people do test in outcome
both conditions. (overcome with
number of counterbalancing)
participants ­
fewer participants
matched pairs design different no order effects ­ number of
participants in each different people participants ­ twice
condition.…read more

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Everyone has an equal representative sample ­
chance of being selected for chance of being chosen still a chance that
the sample. so it's likely that the subgroups may not be
sample will be selected. If group is too
representative. large, may be impractical.
opportunity when the researcher samples quick and practical. unlikely to be
sampling whoever is available and representative. Cannot
willing to be studied. generalise findings.…read more

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