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Religion & Science

-Different methods of science and religion

Religion is based on faith and say they `just know' God exists
Augustine said `faith is to belief what you do not see and the reward of faith is to see what you
Science uses methods of observation,…

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1. This conclusion is not good science
2. Existence of God cannot be verified
3. It's another `God of the Gaps' theory which relies on God instead of continuing to investigate
4. `Flying spaghetti monster' could be proved in the same way. This argument is just assuming

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-Creationism; the different types

Neo-creationism (aims to debate using non-religious terms ­ Intelligent design)
Young Earth Creationists (Bible is literal and historical fact)
Old Earth Creationists (World was created longer ago that Bible says)
Catastrophism (Great flood is responsible for earths appearance)
Gap Creationism (Gap between `In the beginning God…


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