AS Level Media Studies Evaluation Questions 3 & 4

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Question 3/4
Who would be the audience for your media product?
How did you attract/address your audience?
I responded to the brief with the audience in mind by first writing a questionnaire which I then
handed out to my prospective audience, using people of varying age and gender. In the results
from this, I found that people as young as 15 categorised the 'thriller' genre as their favorite of all
film genres. Because of this, I decided to target an audience of young adults from the age of 15 and
above; I also thought it fitting to reflect this by giving my film a BBFC rating of 15. I complied with
this in several ways, for example, I have portrayed 'dangerous behavior' (the axe) but do 'not
dwell on detail which could be copied'. Also, the threat of strong violence is shown, but I 'don't
dwell on the infliction of pain or injury' and weapons are not 'glamourised'. I adhered to the rating,
making sure that it didn't cross into an '18' rating by using only the threat of violence and not
actually showing it explicitly, only showing a glimpse of the axe. Additionally, looking at the
figures of other recent thriller films such as 'Inception' (see graph below) it's possible to see that
the majority of it's audience were aged 29 and under and for this reason also, I decide to target
young adults as they appear to be the most likely to watch a thriller film.
My film developed hugely between the first and
final edit; I listened to all of my audience's
feedback and complied with all comments unless
otherwise stated, such as when it was said that
`some fake blood on the axe would be good'
however, I thought that this would have caused
the film to cross into the genre of horror, away
from that of thriller so decided against it (See
graph below).
Before even beginning to film, my audience
feedback had an impact on the pre-production
of my opening; the actors I used were who were
aged 16 and 17, since when questioned, the
majority of people aged 16-17 said that they liked
to watch actors and actress their own age (See
graph, right), so making the film a 15 allowed for
this, since a film with a rating of 18 would have
meant that they would be unable to view it. Also,
90% of those in this age range said they either
enjoyed watching thriller films or were indifferent; because of this I'll ensure that the film can be
watched by those under 18. I targeted young adults also because the narrative concerns difficult
subjects of murder and obsession so might have been confusing and/or complex to a younger
audience. Though I don't feel that it will have had appeal to an older audience either, since when
questioned, those aged 30 and above seemed disinterested in the concept of the film. In addition,
the majority of those aged above 18 said that they'd want actors who were younger than them, or
of a similar age.
Also, although in my original narrative I had planned to use a male antagonist and female
protagonist, after my research I decided to use two women. When asked what gender would be
preferred for the protagonist 70% answered female; when given the open question `what do you
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I'll altered my original idea to reflect this, changing `Brody', as originally named, to
`Jasmine'; this slightly subverts my original idea although is still workable without having a huge
effect on the nnarrative. I had also been unsure of what type of location to use, whether I ought to
use a rural location as in `Enemy of the State' to reflect vulnerability and solitude in the
protagonist or if I ought to use a city which is more conventional of a thriller.…read more

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By altering the opening so drastically this
did have an impact on my initial narrative, I had wanted to build up to the ending through the
action of the chase, but instead with the changes my opening became more of a psychological
thriller although, the narrative was still effective.…read more

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After all of the changes and alterations I made between edits, my audience seemed very pleased
and agreeable that they both liked and understood the opening. Comments were made such as `I
like the tension built at the beginning as it switched between the two lives of the girls. I also liked
the differing music at these points.…read more


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