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Question 3/4
Who would be the audience for your media product?
How did you attract/address your audience?

I responded to the brief with the audience in mind by first writing a questionnaire which I then
handed out to my prospective audience, using people of varying age and gender. In the…

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expect from the antagonist in a thriller film?' 40% of people, unprompted, specified `woman' or
`female' so I'll altered my original idea to reflect this, changing `Brody', as originally named, to
`Jasmine'; this slightly subverts my original idea although is still workable without having a huge
effect on the nnarrative.…

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beginning, demonstrating two different perspectives. By altering the opening so drastically this
did have an impact on my initial narrative, I had wanted to build up to the ending through the
action of the chase, but instead with the changes my opening became more of a psychological
thriller although, the…

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After all of the changes and alterations I made between edits, my audience seemed very pleased
and agreeable that they both liked and understood the opening. Comments were made such as `I
like the tension built at the beginning as it switched between the two lives of the girls. I…


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