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Act 5

Scene 1

Antonio attempts to console his brother, but Leonato is severely upset by the loss of his
daughter's reputation and says only a man that has suffered humiliation like him has the right to
console him.
Leonato's thoughts turn to revenge as he sees Don Pedro and…

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Benedick: `I will leave you now to your gossiplike humour.' Benedick has matured, he could easily out wit
Claudio and Don Pedro but chooses to reply to the jokes about him being fooled into love in a honourable

Claudio: `He is then a giant to an ape, but then…

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Scene 3

It is night and in a sombre ceremony, Claudio reads out a tribute to Hero to clear her name.
As dawn breaks Don Pedro and Claudio leave to get ready for the wedding.

The song reveals the destructiveness of male inconsistency.
A lightness of tone is created through…

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Benedick: `They swore that you were almost sick for me.'
Beatrice: `They swore that you were wellnigh dead for me.' Only now to Beatrice and Benedick realize that
they have been tricked so pretend that they don't really love each other and were merely showing affection
in sympathy.

Benedick: `Man…


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