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Act 3

Scene 1

Hero begins her plan to trick Beatrice
Margaret is sent to tell Beatrice that Ursula and Hero are talking about her so she eavesdrops the
Beatrice listens to there `pretend' conversation as they talk of Benedicks' love and Beatrice's
scornful nature.
Hero and Ursula say…

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Leonato: `So I say, me thinks you are sadder' Leonato, Don Pedro and Claudio notice a change in Benedick.
His dress sense, perfume, makeup, seriousness, shaving... has changed as well, however Benedick puts it
down to toothache.

Claudio: `The barber's man hath been seen with him.'
Don Pedro: `She shall…

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Borachio: `I have earned of Don John a thousand ducats.' Borachio admits that he has put Don John's plan
into action and will therefore be paid for it He admits to being villain and the watch recognize his name.

Borachio: `The Prince, Claudio and my master planted, and placed, and…

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Dogberry: `I would have some confidence with you that decerns you dearly.' He aims to tell Leonato that he
has important information that he would be concerned over, however his ramblings confuse messages and
Verges ends up talking about the importance of honesty, which annoys Leonato in his `busy time.'…


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