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Act 2

Scene 1

Beatrice describes her ideal man, saying how opposite Don John and Benedick are to her ideal.
Leonato warns her that she will never get a husband behaving like that but Beatrice stated that she
is happy to stay single.
Beatrice mockingly advises Hero on when to…

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Don John: `Signor, you are very near my brother in his love, he is enamored on Hero.' Don John, pretending
to think Claudio is Benedick, tricks him that Don Pedro has declared his love for Hero and is trying to woo
her for himself.

Claudio: `Tis' certain the Prince woos…

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Benedick reflects on men like Claudio who say they are not going to marry but then do. He lists the
qualities he would want in a wife.
Leonato, Don John and Claudio approach and Benedick hides, they appear not to notice him.
They prepare to listen to Balthasar's singing, but…

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Benedick: `A man loves a meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age.' Benedick is not ashamed in
admitting that he has changed his mind about marriage. He metaphorically states that as people change as
they age. There is an element of dramatic irony at how easily…


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