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Act 1
Scene 1
Messenger brings letter informing Leonato that Don Pedro and hi victorious army will arrive in
Messina and reports Claudio has performed great deeds of bravery
Beatrice questions messenger about Benedick with sarcasm. The messenger defends the mocking
of Benedick.
Beatrice continues to mock Benedick as Don…

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Claudio: `Can the world buy such a jewel?' Claudio reveals his admiration for Hero, but sees her as an object
and of materialistic value. Metaphorical inquisition contrasts with Benedick.

Benedick: `I will live a bachelor'. Benedick never wants to marry and is proud of being single. He is a

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Don John: `I cannot hide what I am.' Don John is unhappy that he depends socially and economically on
Don Pedro and is bitter about the restrictions in his life in compared to the high life that Don Pedro lives.
Repetition of personal pronouns shows Don John is an individualist…


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