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Unit F321: Atoms, Bonds and Groups

Atoms and Electron Structure

Isotopes atoms of an element with different numbers of neutrons and
different masses

Relative atomic mass the weighted mean mass of an atom of an element
compared to 1/12 of the mass of an atom of carbon12

Relative isotopic…

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Acids and bases

Acid proton donor (H+ donor)

Base proton acceptor (H+ acceptor)

Salt any chemical compound formed from an acid when a H+ion
from the acid has been replaced by a metal ion on another
positive ion

Water of crystallisation

Hydrated refers to a crystalline compound containing water molecules…

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Van der Waal forces attractive forces between induced dipoles in neighbouring

Metallic bonding the electrostatic attraction between positive metal ions and
delocalised electrons

Giant metallic lattice a threedimensional structure of positive ions and
delocalised electrons, bonded together by strong metallic

Hydrogen bond a strong dipoledipole attraction between an…


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