AS Level Case Studies for Geography- All You Need!


These are all the case studies you need for the OCR AS Geography Exam. Im sure it will be useful for other exam boards as well. I typed these up as it makes it easy to revise from. I hope it helps!

If you find them useful, check out my other notes!

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AS Level- All Physical Case Studies

·Main rock is boulder clay so cliffs are
MEDC LEDC unstable. Other main rock is chalk
Bad Water
·Cliffs retreat by 1m a year
·50 villages that exist during the medieval
Sonoran USA
times are lost today
·5 km of land…

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AS Level- All Physical Case Studies

compensation - sands continue protect Sea Palling
southern coast and farms
· it has accelerated cliff erosion south of
Mappleton to 10m / yr


· After 1953 Floods
·Sea Wall at Sea Palling built to protect
sand dunes
·Groins near Eccles to save…

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AS Level- All Physical Case Studies

Happisburgh 2004 Shoreline Management Plan
· No Active Intervention (retreat)
· "not be appropriate to defend
By 2025
· 80-100m lost · Beach may disappear
· Up to 25 homes lost · Caravan Park
· No beach access or lifeboat access…

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AS Level- All Physical Case Studies

· Turkey Point power station south Miami · Installed water circulators to maintain
owned by Florida Power & Light --> oxygen levels
warm water keeps manatees warm in · Algae collectors
winter : ) Chemical leaks though
change ecosystem? Against:

· Pollution (especially in…

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AS Level- All Physical Case Studies

·London to Ocford railway follows thames


·No hydroelectricity, but indirectly used to
move waste, burned to make electricity
·Old mill at Coles Hill


·Swimming, canoeing, hiking, sports
·Cotswold Water Park
·13,000 km2 Basin
·4700 million liters used per day Flood Defenses:…

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AS Level- All Physical Case Studies

·6 countries share the mekong- conflicts
·Largest city on it- Phnom Penh has
just1.1m people
·Growing population- problems
England Floods- 2007
-Issues arising from development on water basins
in Southern England
Industrial & Economic

·First Dam- 1993 "Man Wan" is
·Fish pop reduced…

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AS Level- All Physical Case Studies

·Dhaka cut off
·1040 people died
·23 million homeless people
·130, 000 cattle killed
·660,000 hectares of crops ruined
·11,000 km road damaged
·1000 schools destroyed
·Drinking water polluted
·Communities destroyed

Economic Impacts:

· Shrimp production down 20% of normal
·400 textile factories…

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AS Level- All Physical Case Studies

· 3rd largest river in USA
· 630,000 km2 drainage basin
· Most Damed river in USA
· Massive demand in last 30 years
·90% used for agriculture
·Lake mead down 40% since 2007
·Electricity production puts 1.3 million
people at risk- Las Vegas…


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