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Deviation from Social Norms
Definitions o This definition argues that a person who acts in a socially deviant way / breaks societies standards
is abnormal.
Failure to Function Adequately o This is based on abnormal behaviour being perceived as unpredictable, it causes observer
o Focuses on everyday behaviour of an…

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It is thought that individuals with psychological
disorders have an imbalance of neurotransmitters
Biological Approach ­ we are all born with behaviours/abnormalities in their nervous systems.
e.g. schizophrenia patients have a higher level of
Abnormal behaviour is determined by 4 main things: dopamine in their brain than is considered…

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Behavioural Approach ­ all behaviours are learnt
o Watson states we are born with blank slate ­ all behaviour that we act is learnt from environment around us e.g. a
baby learns to be scared of fire.
o Most behaviour we learn is adaptive and helps us to lead productive…

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Freud says that we can become
fixated at any of these
Psychodynamic Approach ­ abnormal behaviour caused by unconscious forces psychosexual stages if we do not
overcome the conflicts within
that stage, which can lead to
Structure of the Psyche abnormality.
o The id ­ part of personality we are…

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Musturbatory beliefs:
Cognitive Approach ­ abnormality is caused by negative thoughts "I absolutely MUST, under practically all
conditions and at all times, perform well and
Beck's (1967) cognitive triad: win the approval of others. If I fail in these Feelings of anxiety, panic,
depression, despair,
important respects, that is awful…




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