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Varun Pratap
Chapter 6
Characteristics of Documents:
Character: Single item on a page, may be letter, number, space or symbol
Paragraph: A break in a large piece of text to separate the text into different topics
Page: A side of a sheet (A4, A5)
Section: Breaks the document into different parts, each part can be formatted differently
Frame: The outer area of the page which can contain text or graphics
Headers and Footers: Appear at the top or bottom of every document, can contain page numbers,
titles and date
Footnotes: A space in the footer which allows further explanation of the text
Mail Merge Requirements:
Main Document
Data Source
Form Letter
Advantages of Mail Merge:
· Easy to change text for all letters
· Very quick to produce thousands of letters
· Only need to proofread a single letter

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Varun Pratap
Advantages of Clipart:
· Cost of clipart is cheap/free
· Several images to select from
Disadvantages of Clipart:
Limited to what is available - may not have suitable image
Quality of clipart is variable ­can be poor/cartoon like
Advantages of Thumbnails:
See all images in one go ­ click on image to see greater detail
Collect similar images together
Select a range of images and view them as a slideshow
Disadvantages of Thumbnails:
Can take a long time to load
Many images…read more

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Varun Pratap
Graphic libraries are collections of images all related to the same topic.…read more

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Varun Pratap
Advantages of Automatic Transition:
After a period of time the slide automatically moves to the next
Equipment can be out of reach ­ less chance of vandalism
Can be used as a background presentation ­ set and leave
Manual Transition
Click the mouse/hyperlink/hotspot to move to a next slide
Need user input to view the presentation
Can take as much time as you want on each slide
Advantages of manual are the disadvantages of automatic and vice versa.…read more

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Varun Pratap
User decides the path through the presentation…read more


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