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Varun Pratap

Chapter 5

Database: is a collection of related data items. E.g An address book, a register at a school

A Database is made up of files (one or more)

Table is a file that contain information about entities, it is made up of rows and columns

An Entity…

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Varun Pratap

Relationship is linking together entities e.g One to one, One to many, Many to many

In Modelling, many to many relationships can be split into 2 one to many relationships

First Normal Form (1NF)

­ Every data value in a field is atomic

­ Each record does not…

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Varun Pratap

· Databases require a lot of editing and deleting of data

· Databases that store previously collected data need to break the rules of normalisation

Data Dictionary contains descriptions of the key items in a database e.g Table names, field names,
data types

Data Types:

Boolean (yes/no)


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