As ICT INFO 1 Input Devices(1.4)Questions with Sample Answers

Questions and Answers on Input Devices and Input Media for INFO 1 AS ICT AQA. It has SAMPLE ANSWERS! I hope it aids your revision. Please comment and rate.

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The local council wishes to store the contents of documents on a computer system. The
documents consist of handwritten and typed text. The documents will be scanned and OCR
(Optical Character Recognition) software will be used to interpret the text and export it to files
that can be read by wordprocessing software.
(a) (i) Describe two problems that could occur when scanning and interpreting the text. (4 marks)
(ii) Describe two advantages to be gained by using OCR software. (4 marks)
(b) State three types of material, other than text, that could also be input using the scanner. (3
Typed text and handwriting needs to be clear (1) otherwise conversion to characters may
not take place/allow good example (1)
· Damaged/creased folded documents (1) affects accuracy of results (1)
· Results are not always accurate (1) so the imported text needs to be
proofread/spellchecked (1)
· Layout/formatting of page lost (1) copies not in same format as original (1)
Any 2 °-- (2, 1, 0) 4
(a) (ii)
· Scanning a document is faster than typing it (1) reduction in staff time required/for
nontouch typists (1)
· Not using keyboard (1) reduction in RSI(1)
· Text to be stored in a form that can be edited (1) allows updating of previously produced
documents without completely retyping them (1)
· Scanning of documents can be performed by nontypists (1) allows use of nonspecialist
staff (1)
· OCR document is smaller in size (1) files size is reduced (1)
Any 2 °-- (2, 1, 0) 4
· Maps
· Plans
· OMR documents
· Tables of data
· Charts/diagrams
· Pictures/Photographs
· Music
· Archive documents
· Signatures
January 2001.10 A village store has just installed a computerised point of sale system including a
bar code reader.
(a) Describe two advantages that the store gains by using a bar code reader attached to a
computerized point of sale system. (4 marks)
(b) Describe one disadvantage to the store of using a bar code system. (2 marks)

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Accurate input (1) audible signal if bar code misread, check digit to ensure bar code
read correctly (1)
Ease of changing prices (1) without repricing stock (1)
Management reports (1) for sales analysis (1)
Stock reorder reports (1) to help prevent out of stock items (1)
Any 2 °-- (2, 1, 0) 4
Prices not visible on product (1) customer needs to look elsewhere e.g.…read more


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