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Sweatt V Painter (1950)
By Sade Thomas…read more

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What happened?
Heman Sweatt a black student who had hoped to study
law in Southern state of Texas.
But Was refused admission at the university of Texas, as
the education system in Texas was segregated.
The NAACP challenged this by arguing that Sweatt must
be able to have a equal education to white Americans.
The NAACP argued that the black schools had fewer
teachers, fewer students and fewer books.…read more

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What happened?
The supreme Court agreed with the NAACP and ordered the
University of Texas Law school to enrol Sweat on to the
university as a student.
Sweatt registered as a student at the law university on the
19th September 1950.
This was the first successful case involving segregation of
Education for the civil rights group, NAACP.
This case concerned the rights of students to graduate-level
education.…read more


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