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Selma Campaign
By Sade Thomas…read more

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Selma Campaign
A campaign to register black people to vote.
The Civil Rights group, SCLC focused on Selma as
Alabama, because only 1% of black adults were
registered to vote.
Martin Luther King believed that the local Sheriff
Jim Clark was likely to respond to a civil rights
campaign with violence.
The Civil Rights activist groups held many of
demonstrations to raise publicity for the
The local police in Selma responded violently; in
one case police had used electric cattle prods
against protestors.…read more

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Selma Campaign
The police were also responsible for the murder of
Jimmie Lee Jackson, a 26 year-old black man who
had been protecting his mother and grandmother
from a brutal police beating
The Selma Campaign was a 50-mile march from
Selma to Montgomery.
Montgomery was chosen to mark the 10th
anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott
On the 21st March 8000 people began a five-day
march from Selma to Montgomery.
Four days later their numbers had increased to
25,000 indicating the extent of support for the
voting rights campaign.…read more


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