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A factsheet on Miss Beale; this may aid your revision if you were focusing on Women's Rights in History.

Hope this helps, best of luck!

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Miss Beale
1831, London
Studied in Paris for a year
Student at Queen's College for Women ­ after studying was appointed Maths Tutor there
Head Teacher at Casterton School
Head teacher at Cheltenham School
Wrote Textbook of General History
Miles Beale ­ Surgeon
Employed a governess for Dorothea and her ten siblings
What motivated her?
The idea of improving standards amongst women and allowing them access to a more
academic education.
To end the divide between genders.
She came from a background of literary and feminist women.
Being sacked when attempting to improve the standard of education at The Clergy
Daughters' School only fuelled Dorothea Beale's determination to go on further and have
things done in her own way at Cheltenham.
Dorothea had a good education, attending Queen's College for Women when it first opened
in 1848.
View on the role of women?
They shouldn't be classified as less able due to gender and have the ability to be educated
Why was there a need for education for girls and young women?
Women's financial security and support lay in the hands of her husband
and they were shone away from the world of money. Miss Beale
believed women did have the ability to be more active within the
working world and could reach the high levels that only men were
considered to, at the time.


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