AS Greek Architecture Overview

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Date Structure Order Distinguishable/notable features
600 BC Hera/Olympia Doric Petrification
Perpendicular supporting walls
550 BC Hera/Paestum Doric Two doors = double sanctuary?
Central row of columns
500 BC Athene/Paestum EXT: Doric Mixes order
INT: Ionic No opisthodomos!
470 BC Poseidon/Paestum Doric Peerless Doric
460 BC Zeus/Olympia Doric Ramp
Symbolism of pediment
Internal metopes
Blank external metopes
450 BC Parthenon/Athens EXT: Doric Volume of sculpture
Split naos
INT: Ionic
Part of unified complex
Optical refinements
Symbolism of pediments and metopes
450 BC Athene Nike Ionic No peristyle
Juxtaposed with Propylaea
450 BC Erectheum Irregular Ionic Caryatids
Split levels
Many shrines
Juxtaposed with Parthenon
450 BC Propylaea EXT: Doric Manipulates viewer to see Parthenon
INT: Ionic

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BC Apollo/Bassae INT: Ionic and 1 10 engaged inner Ionic columns
Corinthian column Internal Ionic frieze
1 Corinthian column
Side door in naos wall
360 BC Asclepion/Epidauros EXT: Doric Labyrinth
INT: Corinthian
350 Philipeion/Olympia EXT: Ionic Political ­ man associated w/ god
INT: Corinthian…read more


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