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Date Structure Order Distinguishable/notable features
600 BC Hera/Olympia Doric Petrification
Perpendicular supporting walls

550 BC Hera/Paestum Doric Two doors = double sanctuary?
Central row of columns

500 BC Athene/Paestum EXT: Doric Mixes order
INT: Ionic No opisthodomos!

470 BC Poseidon/Paestum Doric Peerless Doric

460 BC Zeus/Olympia Doric Ramp

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400 BC Apollo/Bassae INT: Ionic and 1 10 engaged inner Ionic columns
Corinthian column Internal Ionic frieze
1 Corinthian column
Side door in naos wall

360 BC Asclepion/Epidauros EXT: Doric Labyrinth
INT: Corinthian
350 Philipeion/Olympia EXT: Ionic Political ­ man associated w/ god

INT: Corinthian


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