AS Government and Politics - Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem views on policy areas - comparative table

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Issue Conservatives Labour Lib Democrats
Deal with causes of Provide funding to maintain Want to deal with causes
crime - Early police and improve police of crime
intervention performance Want to eliminate crime
Tougher on knife crime Intervene earlier to prevent Disagree with excessive
and binge drinking crime in dysfunctional families use of prison sentences
crimes - expand family nurse and the lengthening of
Make police more partnerships to reduce crime + sentences
accountable by behaviour problems Target gun and knife crime
Crime allowing public to elect Deal with anti-social behaviour Communities given direct
police chiefs Community payback for say in how criminals and
"Hug a hoodie" criminals that don't go to those who engage in
15h October 2012 ­ prison ­ everyone votes on anti-social behaviour are
tougher sentences for what punishment they do punished ­ set up
people carrying guns Neighbourhood Justice
and life sentences for Panels
gun dealers
Increase state pension - Invest in businesses Want to cut taxes for lowe
start at 66 years old Tax less and middle classes
Stop tax credit for Rich should be taxed more Cut down tax avoidance
families earning over Protect those on low
50k a year incomes from effect of
Tax Create more jobs public sector pay and othe
Reverse labours spending constraints
national insurance rise
for those earning less
than 35k
High tuition fees Mix of fees and state Equal opportunities
Want to allow parents, provision (taxes) Raise standards of schools
charities and private Proposes allowing parents to Gradually remove tuition
firms to create their use mergers and takeovers to fees
own schools as a place new management teams
Education means to increasing the in failing schools
variety of schools Support broader increases in
Support reforming education spending, including
Britain's national an expansion in free nursery
curriculum and care
increasing education
funding for
disadvantaged children
Cut benefits by £10bn Benefits for all Think that services should
Making working section Tax should agree with benefits be given an extremely hig
Welfare work ad not benefits for all priority in public spending
Believe in high quality
services for all
Create alliance with the Engage with and lead Europe Working through the EU fo
EU: Lead reform to build a better
stricter international
>no change in currency Europe
regulation of financial
EU >Cameron -EU budget
services and banking
cap spending in
Campaigning for continuin
countries such as
reform of the EU budget

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Support use of nuclear Energy-bill discounts for Insulating all homes to a
energy pensioners
good standard within 10
Working towards zero Banning recyclable and
Environment waste biodegradable materials from
Reject a new generation o
Providing incentives to landfill
nuclear power stations
recycle…read more


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