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Tone & Attitude Vocabulary 1

Like the tone of a speaker's voice, the tone of a text expresses the writer's feelings. To determine the
tone of a text / passage / extract, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is the subject? Who is its intended audience?
2. What are…

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Tone & Attitude Vocabulary 2

SorrowFearWorry Tone / Attitude Words
Aggravated Disturbed Miserable Regretful
Agitated Embarrassed Morose Remorseful
Anxious Fearful Mournful Resigned
Apologetic Foreboding Nervous Sad
Apprehensive Gloomy Numb Serious
Concerned Grave Ominous Sober
Confused Hollow Paranoid Solemn
Dejected Hopeless Pessimistic Sombre
Depressed Horrific Pitiful Staid
Despairing Melancholy Poignant Upset…

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Tone & Attitude Vocabulary 3

NB: If you're unsure of the meanings of any of the above, use a dictionary!


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