AS English Tone , Attitude vocabulary.

AS English Tone , Attitude vocabulary.

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Tone & Attitude Vocabulary 1
Like the tone of a speaker's voice, the tone of a text expresses the writer's feelings. To determine the
tone of a text / passage / extract, ask yourself the following questions:
1. What is the subject? Who is its intended audience?
2. What are the most important words? What connotations do these words have?
3. What feelings are generated by the images?
4. Are there any hints that the speaker or narrator does not really mean everything she or he says?
If any jokes are made, are they lighthearted or bitter?
5. If the narrator were speaking aloud, what would the tone of her or his voice be?
Positive Tone / Attitude Words (rather than the general term `positive', use one, or more, of the
Amiable Consoling Friendly Playful
Amused Content Happy Pleasant
Appreciative Dreamy Hopeful Proud
Authoritative Ecstatic Impassioned Relaxed
Benevolent Elated Jovial Reverent
Brave Elevated Joyful Romantic
Calm Encouraging Jubilant Soothing
Cheerful Energetic Lighthearted Surprised
Cheery Enthusiastic Loving Sweet
Compassionate Excited Optimistic Sympathetic
Complimentary Exuberant Passionate Vibrant
Confident Fanciful Peaceful Whimsical
Negative Tone / Attitude Words (rather than the general term `negative', use one, or more, of the
Accusing Childish Facetious Outraged
Aggravated Coarse Furious Passive
Agitated Cold Harsh Quarrelsome
Angry Condemnatory Haughty Shameful
Apathetic Condescending Hateful Smooth
Arrogant Contradictory Hurtful Superficial
Artificial Critical Indignant Surly
Audacious Desperate Inflammatory Testy
Belligerent Disappointed Insulting Threatening
Bitter Disgruntled Irritated Tired
Boring Disgusted Manipulative Uninterested
Brash Disinterested Obnoxious Wrathful
HumorousIronicSarcastic Tone / Attitude Words
Amused Droll Mocking Satiric
Bantering Facetious Mockserious Satirical
Bitter Flippant Patronising Scornful
Caustic Humorous Pompous Sharp
Comical Insolent Quizzical Taunting
Condescending Ironic Ribald Teasing
Contemptuous Irreverent Ridiculing Whimsical
Critical Joking Sad Wry
Cynical Malicious Sarcastic
Disdainful Mockheroic Sardonic
NB: If you're unsure of the meanings of any of the above, use a dictionary!

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Tone & Attitude Vocabulary 2
SorrowFearWorry Tone / Attitude Words
Aggravated Disturbed Miserable Regretful
Agitated Embarrassed Morose Remorseful
Anxious Fearful Mournful Resigned
Apologetic Foreboding Nervous Sad
Apprehensive Gloomy Numb Serious
Concerned Grave Ominous Sober
Confused Hollow Paranoid Solemn
Dejected Hopeless Pessimistic Sombre
Depressed Horrific Pitiful Staid
Despairing Melancholy Poignant Upset
Neutral Tone / Attitude Words
Admonitory Dramatic Intimate Reflective
Allusive Earnest Judgmental Reminiscent
Apathetic Expectant Learned Resigned
Authoritative Factual Loud Restrained
Baffled Fervent Lyrical Seductive
Callous Formal Matteroffact Sentimental
Candid Forthright Meditative Serious
Ceremonial Frivolous…read more

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Tone & Attitude Vocabulary 3
NB: If you're unsure of the meanings of any of the above, use a dictionary!…read more


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