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Beginnings of
Language Acquisition…read more

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Stages of language acquisition ...
· NB: Children do not all develop at the
same pace.
· However: Children all around the world
do pass through the same set of stages.
There is a universal pattern of
acquisition, regardless of the language
being acquired.…read more

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Before birth ...
· Evidence suggests that
even in the womb, the
growing baby
acclimatises to the
sounds of its native
· Mehler 1988: French
new born babies were
able to distinguish French
from other languages.…read more

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Crying ...
· First few weeks:
child expresses itself
vocally through
· Signals hunger,
distress or pleasure.
· Instinctive noise (so
not language).…read more

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Cooing ...
· Also known as
gurgling or
· 6-8 weeks old.
· `Coo', `ga-ga' and
`goo': back spirants
and vowels
· Child develops
increasing control
over vocal chords.…read more

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Babbling ...
· Most important stage
in the first year.
· 6-9 months old.
· Sounds begin to
resemble adult
sounds more closely.…read more

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