AS Edexcel chemistry Valency table

Valency table is something you will have to learn because it will help you throughtout all units for chemistry

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Valency Table
For common Ions:
Element Symbol Ion Ion Name
Aluminium Al Al3+ Ammonium NH4+
Barium Ba Ba2+ Carbonate CO32
Calcium Ca Ca2+ Hydrogen carbonate HCO3
Cobalt Co Co2+ Hydrogen sulphate HSO4
Copper Cu Cu+/Cu2+ Hydroxide OH
Hydrogen H H+(acids) Nitrate NO3
Iron Fe Fe2+/Fe3+ Nitrite NO2
Lead Pb Pb2+/Pb4+ Sulphate SO42
Magnesium Mg Mg2+ Sulphite SO32
Manganese Mn Mn2+/Mn4+ Thiosulphate S2O32
Mercury Hg Hg22+/Hg2+ Chlorate(I) ClO
Zinc Zn Zn2+ Chlorate(V) ClO3
Potassium K K+ Permanganate MnO4
Sodium Na Na+ Chromate CrO42
Silver Ag Ag+ Dichromate Cr2O72
Chloride Cl Cl
Bromine Br Br

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Chlorine Cl Cl
Hydrogen H H+(hydride=H)
Iodide I I
Nitrogen N N3(nitride)
Oxygen O O2
Cations and Anions…read more

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Valency Table
For covalent compounds
(No of Bonds formed)
Hydrogen 1
Halogens (F, Cl, Br, I) 1
Oxygen 2
Sulphur 2, 4, 6
Nitrogen 3
Phosphorus 3, 5
Carbon 4
Silicon 4
Xenon 2, 4, 6, 8…read more


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