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The Structure of Arguments/
Argument Elements
Section A ­ Critical Thinking…read more

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A Main Conclusion
Definition: a statement of something that the
reader/listener should or shouldn't do or accept
as true on the basis of the reasons given
Main Conclusions can be placed at the beginning, middle or end of an argument
Indicator words (words in an argument that signal a main conclusion):
therefore, hence, consequently, however, should, ought, must…read more

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A Reason
Definition: a statement that aims to persuade
the reader/ listener to accept a main conclusion
e.g. You should put on a warm coat because the weather is very cold today
Main conclusion Reason
Indicator words: as, because, due to, for, since…read more

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An Opinion
Definition: a statement of beliefs, ideas of values
but without reasons to support them they aren't
`School Uniform in 6th form should be scrapped' ­ this opinion can be turned into a
main conclusion by adding one of more relevant Reasons e.g. School uniform in 6th
form should be scrapped because it will prepare us better for the world of work and
6th formers are old enough to decide what they should wear.…read more

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An Account
Definition: it seeks to describe something such
as an event, activity or object without any
attempt at persuasion.
e.g. There was a great turn out for the school carol service. All of the girls in year one
were dressed as angels and they sung beautifully. It was a great success.…read more

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An Explanation
Definition: it is a reason given to show how or
why something is the way that it is. It does not
attempt to persuade the reader to accept the
conclusion ­ telling us why something is the case
isn't the same as giving reasons to persuade us
that it is the case in the first place.
e.g. I am late for school today because we were stuck in traffic, two lanes were closed
for road work and so we were stuck in traffic.…read more

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