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Unit 2: Intermediate bonding and bond polarity and Intermolecular Forces
Increases across a period and decreases down a group due to shielding.
Intermolecular Forces
Intermolecular forces are relatively weak forces of attraction between molecules.
Three Forces to be considered
London Forces (van der Waals Forces)
DipoleDipole Interaction
Hydrogen Bonding
Intermolecular forces/ bonding has to be the same type between the different molecules, for
solutions to be formed.
E.g. Calcium Chloride ­ ionic compounds dissolve in polar solvents. Ionic compounds do
not dissolve in nonpolar solvents.
Miscibility Nonpolar liquids that mix together completely.
Immiscibility ­ Polar and nonpolar liquids mix and form 2 separate layers, one on top of the


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