AS Chemistry - Naming Alkanes Notes

Some notes on how to name alkanes :)

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Naming Alkanes
Types of Formula:
Molecular formula (C4H10)
Structural formula (CH3CHCH3CH3 or CH3CH(CH3)CH3)
Displayed formula
Skeletal formula
Cyclic Alkanes

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Cycloalkanes ­ general formula CnH2n (same as alkenes)
Naming Branched Cycloalkanes
Found in crude oil ­ complex mixture of hydrocarbons ­ C+H.
Separated by fractional distillation ­ separed by boiling points into fractons. (a small mixture of hydrocarbons
with similar boiling points.
Explaining the trend in boiling points for alkanes
1. Increase in van der waals forces.
2. Increase in number of electrons
3.…read more

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