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Key terms
· Catalyst
· Enthalpy change of combustion
· E/Z Isomerism
· Structural Isomers
· Stereoisomer…read more

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· A substance that increase the rate of a
chemical reaction without being used up in
the process.…read more

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Enthalpy change of combustion
· The enthalpy change that takes place
when one mole of a substance reacts
completely with oxygen under standard
conditions.…read more

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E/Z Isomerism
· A type of stereoisomerism where different
groups are attached to each carbon of a
c=c double bond may be arranged
differently in space due to the restricted
rotation of the c=c double bond.…read more

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Structural isomers
· Molecules with the same molecular
formula but with different structural
arrangements of atoms.…read more

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