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Mass = moles/MR

Moles = Vol * Conc

Vol = Moles * 24 



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ABG: Moles equations
Relative atomic mass (Ar)
Ar= (mass Nr. isotope 1 X % isotope 1) + (mass Nr. isotope 2 x % isotope 2) +
% isotope 1 + % isotope 2 +.......
Masses and moles
Moles = mass in g Mass = moles x Mr Mr = mass in g
Mr (g) moles
Solutions: moles, concentration and volume
Conc. = moles moles = conc. X vol. vol = moles
(mol dm3) volume (dm3) conc.
Solutions: dilution factor
Dil. factor= final volume Final conc.= initial conc.
initial volume dilution factor
Gases: moles, volume

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Volume = Moles x 24 Moles of gas = Volume (dm3)
of gas (dm3) 24…read more


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